"Big Pile of Scrap was a demonstration of our biggest and best stunts. The track was just bombastic. We needed huge amounts of steel and concrete for the construction of that arena. But meanwhile the elements had gotten too big to build them in Tony's workshop exclusively. We had to get several enterprises to build it all for us and to put it up. And that's where I saw big problems. Using outside labour involved the risk of getting busted. We had to make the transition from an illegal to a legal operation. From that point on, it was essential for the Crashday league to become reputable. On paper at least."

"A Big Pile of Scrap" is the 19th mission of Career. The player needs to reach a higher score than their opponents in 3 minutes.


Game Mode: Stunt Show

Prize: 80000

Rep: 150

Drivers: 5

Vehicle: Free Choice