The Apachee is class A car in Crashday. Its layout is MA (mid-engined, All-wheel-driven) and its engine is coupled to a 6-speed gearbox. 

The Apachee comes with a fairly high top speed, as well as a great acceleration, wrecking power. Its armor is above average, though not as strong as the Judge's. Thanks to its heavy weight and strong wrecking power, it can be quite effective in Wrecking Matches, being able to best the most class A cars, except the Wrecker. It's also a good offroad vehicle, thanks to its all-wheel-drive drivetrain and responsive steering. The Apachee can compete with the Judge and the Incubator well in any type of event, but especially in Wrecking Match.

The Apachee Super Turbo 220X is reminiscent of Lamborghini Murciélago.


  • A different variant of the Apachee can be seen on pre-release screenshots.
  • The different variant of the Apachee was supplied as add-on car by the developers, post-release.
  • The Apachee's turbokit upgrade comes with a roof scoop.
  • A white Apachee with red stripes seems to appear on several screenshots, in-game pictures and even original box art.
  • The Apachee's main drawback used to be a poor center of mass, which affected both its handling and flying ability. This has been fixed for Crashday: Redline Edition.
  • The Apachee is the most expensive car in the Career, with a price tag of 152,000.
  • Like the Firespitter, The Apachee has a visible engine.
  • The Apachee is rather heavy for a supercar, weighing in at 1870 kg.
  • The Apachee received a performance increase in Redline Edition. Previously, the vehicle had a slightly less top speed and acceleration, as well as a weaker armour.