Crashday lets players customize their vehicles to a great extent. While most of the tuning kits are visual-only, certain kits like suspension affect the vehicle's performance.

Available tuning kits differ from vehicle to vehicle. Urban cars such as Cube offer the most available tuning kits for a vehicle.

Available tuning kits

  • Performance kit: Performance kits usually increase the acceleration, top speed and class of the car and reduce its braking distance and weight. Visual upgrades include a louder transmission, turbo sound and sports steering wheels. Certain cars receive exclusive visual upgrades such as additional exhaust pipes like Ironhorze.
  1. Light
  2. Medium (only available for Cube and Hunter)
  3. Heavy
  4. Ultra (only available for Cube)
  • Crashpower kit: Increases the wrecking power of the vehicle. The weight of a vehicle affects the wrecking power, heavier cars usually deal more damage than lighter cars.
  1. Light
  2. Heavy
  • Armor kit: Increases the vehicle's resistance to impacts such as gunfire.
  1. Light
  2. Heavy
  • Wheel
  1. Sports: Great road traction but poor offroad performance.
  2. Super Sport: Largely the same as Sport wheels, the only difference is a wider range of available wheels.
  3. Offroad: Slightly worse road performance in expense of a much better offroad performance.
  4. Default
  • Suspension
  1. Sports: Lowers the ride height, stiffens the springs, increases damping and aligns the wheels accordingly.
  2. Extreme Sports (only for Cube, Hunter and Buster): Nearly the same as sports, however the changes are more pronounced now.
  3. Custom (only for Ironhorze and Firespitter): A different wheel alignment than sports suspension, as well as stiffer springs. This suspension slightly increases the acceleration.
  4. Offroad: Softer springs and an increased ride height makes this suspension ideal for offroading.
  5. Offroad Monster (only for Pickup and Wrecker): More or less the same as offroad suspension, the ride height is even higher.
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Sidekit
  • Hood
  • Rear Wing
  • Vinyls


  • The ability to customize the license plate was cut. [1]
  • Flip-flop paint was cut. [2]
  • Missile capacity of a vehicle could have been increased with performance kits. [3]
  • 'Jet engine' performance upgrade can be seen in 2003 garage screenshots.
  • A vinyl for the Judge was cut.
  • A vinyl named 'Impact Turbo' for the Hunter was cut.



  1. LICENSEPLATE $ID gametext/garage2.txt LICENSEPLATE
  2. FLIPFLOPCOLOR $ID gametext/garage.txt FLIPFLOPCOLOR 5
  3. add_missilecapacity=6