"A bomb on your car's roof? Get rid of it and pass it on by smashing into another vehicle before this thing blows up! You receive 0 points if you get killed, 1 point if you survive and 3 points if you last had the bomb before it blows up someone else's car! The player with the highest score after a number of rounds wins the competition."

Pass The Bomb is one of the seven game-modes in Crashday.

The player needs to gain the most points in X rounds in this game-mode.


  • Earn more points if you pass on the bomb right before blast instead of "just" surviving.
  • Take the risk of grabbing the bomb from someone else if you don't receive it initially.
  • The driver with the bomb is slightly faster than his opponents.


  • A pre-release footage reveals that the player would originally get 2 points instead of 3.
  • In original version, players could drive around before the round starts.