Welcome to the Software Development Kit for Crashday: Redline Edition. The SDK of Crashday is a selection of tools and documentation to help you create modifications for the game. This documentation gives a detailed explanation on the overall file structure of Crashday, the meaning of different file types and tools as well as the process of creating custom content. You will find the official guidelines right here!

You are using the SDK and its tools at your own risk.

1. Introduction

  • SDK - Welcome

2. Overview

3. Creating Cars

4. Creating Track Pieces

5. Tools Reference

  • CDTrkHmap (track tools)
  • CDTrkPic (track tools)
  • CDWsTool (workshop tools)
  • Make3DS (3D model tools)
  • MakeP3D (3D model tools)
  • ShowP3D (3D model tools)
  • ShowCFL (track piece tools)

6. Technical Reference

7. Examples