"Impress your audience with insane jumps and perfect landings, amazing crashes and extreme rollovers! The more tricks you perform in a row, the higher your combos will be rewarded. Each single action is scored and the player with the highest total score wins the competition."

Stunt Show is one of the seven game-modes in Crashday.

The player needs to collect the most points in a time limit or reach a score limit, either as a team or solo. Gaining points is possible in a lot of ways: jumping, flipping, spinning, kickflipping, loop driving and so on.


  • Try landing jumps on all four wheels to perform a perfect landing.
  • The combo bar indicates the time left to add a stunt to a running combo.
  • Perform perfect landings to increase the possible time between stunts of a combo.
  • Use the steering keys to control your car's rotation during a jump.
  • The longer your combo is, the higher the score multiplier goes up.