Crashday allows players to enable or disable weapons in singleplayer and multiplayer mode. There are 2 types of weapons available in game.


Minigun is one of the two available weapons in Crashday. A minigun can carry 800 bullets and fire 25 bullets per second by default. It is also possible to aim an opponent that is above the player, to a certain degree. It becomes available on the shop after the mission Better Don't Stop Me for 8000 cash.


Missile is one of the two available weapons in Crashday. A car can carry 15 missiles at a time, by default. Players can either purchase single or double missiles from the shop, which is possible after the missions Offroad Madness and Annoying Competitors, respectively. Though Crashday does not feature homing missiles, the missiles do veer towards cars to an extent. In rare cases, one of the double missiles may move very slowly and explode later than the other missile.

According to in-game files, missile capacity of a vehicle could have been increased with performance kits. [1]


Mine is a cut weapon from Crashday. Some old screenshots show an icon of mine on garage, which can be also seen in game files. It is possible to find strings related to mine in certain career events[2] or car[3] files.

Mine is now available on Track Editor as a light dynamic object rather than being a weapon.



  1. add_missilecapacity=6
  2. forcemineammo[1]=10
  3. 0 -0.2 -2 # Pos of mine spawn point