"Bring down your enemies, whatever it takes! Crashes, missiles or gun blast - today there are no rules!" 

Wrecking match is one of the seven game-modes in Crashday.

The player is tasked with wrecking other competitors' vehicles by any means necessary. There are 4 variants of this game-mode:

  • Deathmatch - Solo
  • Deathmatch - Teams
  • Last Man Standing (No respawn)
  • Wreck Advance


  • Hit your opponent's car's side to cause maximum damage.
  • Once your car is respawned after being wrecked, ammunition is fully reloaded.
  • In Wrecking Match, the HUD arrow points to your closest opponent.
  • Use the handbrake to chase agile opponents.


  • The camera doesn't automatically switch to reverse cam when driving in reverse in this game-mode.
  • Timed variant is left unused in game files. (Wrecking X vehicles in Y minutes)
  • Perfect wrecking match variant is left unused in game files. (Wrecking X vehicles without ever being killed)
  • On rare occasions, wrecking by missiles won't register a point for the player. It's best to finish off an opponent by using minigun.
  • According to old game.dbs, players would receive points for the actions they performed, such as accurate missile or minigun shots instead of a single point received by wrecking an opponent.