With all that money, it was clear that sooner or later someone was going to try to take a slice of the pie. You always have small losses, especially where cash flows. Here and there people pocket a little on the side - hey, what the heck? We took it into account, and nobody minded much. But when bets were manipulated by people other than us, and drivers were obviously being bribed, it was time to fire a warning shot. Pretty soon we had two guys in our sights that’d had their fingers in the till just a little too often. Then it was just a matter of finding a driver who’d teach the two a lesson. Somebody trustworthy... and expendable.

"You Got Something I Need" is the 5th mission of Career. The player needs to wreck every vehicle without being killed.

Hunter XT-5, Cube RS and Buster GSt become available to purchase on the shop after completing this mission.


Game Mode: Wrecking Match - Last Man Standing

Prize: 18000

Rep: 15

Opponents: 2

Vehicle: Free Choice